About the New Hospital


  • The new Parkland hospital will be a safe, welcoming, patient-centered healing environment that serves as a sustainable community resource for Dallas County. It will promote excellence in clinical care, teaching and research in a technologically advanced and easily accessible environment. The new hospital will be designed and built in a thoughtful, deliberate, well-organized way. An “on-stage/off-stage” model will provide comfort for the patients as well as efficiency for staff.
  • The entire hospital will be designed with the patient in mind. This patient-centered approach will create a more healing environment with the use of single patient rooms, natural light and windows as well as more space for family and visitors.
  • The facility will be adaptable. It’s difficult to know what the future of health care will be five years from now, let alone 50 years. That’s why the new Parkland has to be able to grow and change to meet the future medical needs of our community.
  • The new Parkland will be a state-of-the-art teaching hospital, providing the best facilities available to both patients and staff.
  • The facility will be sustainable, utilizing green building methods and energy sources as well as environmentally friendly building materials.