About the New Hospital


Parkland’s vision statement reads, “by our actions, we will define the standards of excellence for public academic health systems.” The construction of this facility is an opportunity to maintain that vision.

In July 2007, a Blue Ribbon Panel of citizens appointed by the Dallas County Commissioner’s Court recommended to the Parkland Board of Managers a replacement facility for Parkland hospital, to be built nearby in the Southwestern Medical District. In August 2007, the County Commissioner’s Court heard and approved in principle the Blue Ribbon Committee’s report.

Parkland’s current hospital, built in 1954, is overcrowded and undersized for current patient volume. At the time it was built, Parkland served about half the patients it serves today. Capacity could be substantially increased within the current facility.

On July 22, 2008, the Parkland board voted unanimously to send a resolution to the Dallas County Commissioner’s Court to call for an election seeking voter approval for a bond election to help fund construction of new facilities. The Dallas County Commissioners voted unanimously on Aug. 12, 2008, to place a bond election on the November ballot for consideration by Dallas County voters. And on Nov.4, 2008, an overwhelming majority, 82 percent, of Dallas County residents voted in favor of a new Parkland.

While the goal is to build a first-class hospital, being financially prudent with the resources of Dallas County is equally important. In order to reduce the burden on taxpayers, the financing plan includes not only $747 million of combination tax and revenue bonds, but also $350 million from Parkland’s current and future cash reserves and $150 million in philanthropic dollars raised by the Parkland Foundation.